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Techso facilitate your development and deployment in Brazil

Market Research.

Rate the Brazilian market with our market research personalized. We present present accurate information, so that you can explore the possibilities offered by the different regions of Brazil.

We develop key questions you have about your project in Brazil

- Competition: Identification of technologies, products or services, competitors, and suppliers of these technologies, products or services on the market.

- Legal framework of the Brazilian market: Information on local regulations.

- Market Size: Information on the size of the market for your products or services.

- Market Trend: Evaluation of the potential market for your products or services, based on trends in the market.

- Sustainability of the products or services: We are looking to what extent and under what conditions your products or services have a market in Brazil.


Activity Sectors or Products

Mining, Aerospace.

Agricultural sector, industrial sector, automotive sector.

Food / Agribusiness
Meat industry, manufacturing products based on cereals; Manufacture of oils, Sugar, Ethanol.

IT Services, Telecommunications, Insurance.

Production of electricity from renewable energy sources
(hydropower and biomass combustion).

News in Brazil

Starting a business in Brazil.

We help SMEs and Groups foothold in Brazil. We advise on legal and operational procedures and we do the complete creation of their society.

To do this, we answer the following questions:

- How (creation of a company or subsidiary, joint venture, acquisition of an existing strucutre)?

- What legal form and what formalities?

- How to register your business in Brazil?

As part of your operations in Brazil, we also offer a number of additional services:

- Organization and support of your business trip to Brazil.
- Search for industrial and office space.
- Recruitment of staff.
- Choice of accounting and law firm